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Australasia Chapter Holds Safety Award for 2019 Achievements


The Award program is open to all Onshore and Offshore members with a winner designated for each area. 6 of 10 IADC Australasia chapter member companies participated, resulting in an uptake rate of 60% which was less than as the previous year. The safety statistics for the participating companies were supplied quarterly and submitted in accordance with 2019-ISP IADC Official Rules and Guidelines. This year again, the IADC ISP Program was able to support the Chapter’s Award Program by supplying the data and winner notification. This has enabled the award program to continue at a significantly reduced cost whilst maintaining the confidentiality requirements.

Some of the combined onshore and offshore key statistics were:
3,533,105 man-hours of operation

3 Medical Treatment cases

2 Lost Time Incidents

5 Restricted Work/Transfer Cases.

TRIRFR = 2.8303

DARTFR = 4.16 &

LTIFR 2.8303: 0 Fatalities

The 2019 Onshore Winner:

High Arctic Energy Services (HAES)

The 2019 Offshore Winner:

Offshore – Valaris


Sam Ward, Vice President, HAES, (left) accepting plaque from Luke Smith, Chairman-Onshore, Australasia Chapter, (right).


Kodjo Dogbe, Operations Manager, VALARIS, (left) accepting award plaque from Martin Flojgaard, Regional Director, IADC, (right).