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Accreditation Team Meets with Leaders to Discuss New Training Facility in Angola

In May, members of IADC’s Accreditation team met with a group of leaders to discuss plans for setting up a WellSharp accredited training school in Angola. Angola is developing their program with the help of industry subject matter experts and longtime approved WellSharp instructors. 

Attendees of the meeting included Domingos Farncisco (Angola’s National Director for Training and Local Content in the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Petroleum, and Gas), Mark Venettozzi (Industry Consultant for Angola), Lisete Neto (Director of Management to Learn USA), Helena Campos, and Domingos A. Simao. 

Along with Brooke Polk (IADC VP – Accreditation Operations) and Gerardo Barrera (IADC Assistant Director – Accreditation Programs), the group discussed WellSharp program requirements, instructor requirements, the process for accreditation, and ways the group can work closely together to make this project a success. 

IADC is looking forward to working alongside leaders in Angola and assisting in this project. Having an accredited IADC well control training center will greatly benefit the country and the region. Our objective is to continue to collaborate in order to develop the most highly skilled and trained workforce in Angola.