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Accreditation Expands Options for Training Industry Workforce

IADC’s accreditation department’s been busy in 2021. With the new initiatives for expanding WellSharp Live to all professionals to launching the KREW continuous-learning platform, IADC’s making it easier for the industry to get the education and training it needs.

Brooke Polk shared, “IADC is focused on retaining knowledge and skills learned in well control training and providing continuous learning in order to maintain certification. Through KREW, we are providing industry a way to expand knowledge based on operational need and new technology advancements. IADC’s WellSharp Advisory Panel is leading the way in shaping the future of well control training in the industry.”

As the official accrediting body of Basin United, IADC has developed its relationship with the safety orientation course being taught in the Permian Basin.

The product of a collaborative effort of the Basin United Operator group, IADC, Contractors, and Service Companies, Basin United has streamlined and standardized a more effective safety orientation and safety leadership course. Adding to that streamlining and standardization is the inclusion of a RigPass certification along with a Basin United certification.

1 Card for Basin United & RigPass

This recognition of RigPass certification by Basin United means trainees don’t need to duplicate efforts for safety orientation courses. The combined course offering of Basin United with RigPass also reduces duplicative training, streamlines data and training record entry into one system as well as reduces administrative cost for operators, contractors, and commercial training providers.

As Basin United was dialing in the final version of its safety course, IADC’s participation in the industry-led collaboration provided an opportunity for its forthcoming facelift for RigPass.

Steven Walker, Training and Compliance Advisor at Independence Contract Drilling, praised the alignment of the new curriculum with the culture at the onshore drilling contractor of safety being “not just a requirement but a responsibility”:

The Rig Pass and Basin United program has provided our team members an interactive approach to safety training that encourages an active and engaged approach to learning. Our team members leave this training with the knowledge and understanding they need to live a safe lifestyle at work and at home.

With re-envisioning and enhancing the 30-year-old safety program, IADC incorporated overlapping topics into the Basin United curriculum while honing and enhancing RigPass into RigPass 2.0.

KREW is Shaping the Future of Well Control Training

Fully launched in April 2021, KREW addresses knowledge decay issues within the industry, particularly during the two-year period between required training. As the Contractor and Operator sides have had their employees use the platform, the program has matured and developed.

One aspect of this maturation was the WellSharp Advisory Panel deciding that KREW be bundled together with WellSharp Live.

Another aspect is the WellSharp Advisory Panel leveraging KREW to shape the direction of the future of well control training. The panel is developing a plan for utilizing KREW content to lead to individuals maintaining certification over time. Details are being finalized around KREW continuous learning partnered with a verification assessment that will be a new option for industry.

Subsea Competency Assessment

Developed collaboratively by Operators, Drilling Contractors and Professional Trainers, the new Subsea Competency Assessment (SCA) program is designed to assess and verify knowledge and skills for Subsea Technicians in the oil and gas drilling industry. Unlike normal certification tracks that go through a training provider, the SCA program involves industry professionals in the positions of Assistant Subsea and Senior Subsea to apply for an IADC Subsea Competence Assessment Credential.

The process involves submitting an application to IADC that is technically reviewed by a panel of industry SMEs. Once approved, an individual can take the Subsea assessment which consist of a set of core positional questions as well as OEM specific questions. Individuals passing both the technical review and assessment will receive the IADC Subsea Competence Assessment Credential.