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Abstracts Invited for 26 June IADC DEC Q2 Tech Forum on Drilling Automation

Over the past few years, the drilling industry has achieved significant advances in automation. Which have been the most successful technologies developed, and what do they tell us about where we need to go next? Is the financial value of automating drilling processes fully understood? Should we be targeting more complete autonomy, or is there always going to be a need for human expertise “in the loop”? Increased safety is clearly one of the most important objectives of automation, but are we seeing a favorable impact on keeping our personnel safer? What new technologies are being developed, and are there lessons to be learned from automated applications in other industries? What is the future of automated drilling? What could a drilling operation look like in 2030, and what are the main obstacles on the road to automation? The IADC Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) Q2 Technology Forum is designed to explore our progress and consider our future.

Abstracts are invited for presentations to address the above questions and challenges at this event, with the theme of “Drilling Automation – Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Be?” Event will be held the morning of Wednesday, 26 June, at Patterson-UTI Energy, 10713 West Sam Houston Pkwy N #800, Houston, TX 77064.

The deadline for abstracts is Friday, 17 May. Click here to submit an abstract.

For more information, contact Linda Hsieh, linda.hsieh@iadc.org