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A Valuable HSE Resource: IADC Safety Alerts

In the drilling industry, it’s imperative that safety is a top priority. At IADC, our mission is to continuously work to improve health, safety, and environmental protection for the industry. There are plenty of ways that we put this mission into action, from hosting important HSE discussions at our international conferences to providing high-quality training programs.

IADC’s Safety Alerts are a helpful and important resource to have in your HSE toolbox. Our website has recently undergone some reorganization in order to visually reflect where safety belongs – front and center. You can now find easier access to safety-related information by clicking the “Safety” tab at the top of our homepage.

What are Safety Alerts?

IADC’s Safety Alerts are brief, informative documents that describe specific, real-world examples of safety hazards. The information in each safety alert is generally broken down into three sections:

  • What Happened?
  • Contributing Factors
  • Lessons Learned 

Safety alerts provide a unique platform for companies within our industry to truly collaborate for the betterment of all. Our safety alerts are created from first-hand experiences and information submitted by Member companies (which remain anonymous in the alert). The submission is reviewed by an IADC work group and utilized to create the official IADC Safety Alert documents you can find on our website.

We strongly encourage Members to submit relevant safety alert information to us whenever any health/safety issues arise. Sharing these experiences and the lessons learned from them allows us – as an industry – to stay informed, learn from each other, and potentially avoid similar HSE incidents in the future.

IADC’s library of safety alerts on our website currently has 700+ entries, categorized by date. When new safety alerts are published, they are emailed to Members on the safety alert distribution list.

If you would like to receive safety alerts via email OR if you want to submit safety alert information, please email Thad Dunham at Thad.Dunham@iadc.org