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Tips on Verifying Your IADC Training Certificates

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Confirm Authenticity of Certificate:

The goal of any accreditation program is simple: ensure quality.

IADC accredited training providers have passed rigorous quality checks and third-party audits in order to receive and maintain accreditation. Industry panels made up of seasoned technical reviewers validate that training material adheres to learning objectives and training requirements, facilities meet standards, and equipment is verified. Each IADC Instructor is also held to industry-established certification requirements.

Alma Roberts, IADC’s Director of Accreditation Programs emphasizes the importance of accreditation:

“IADC’s accreditation process is designed to hold companies to a set of standards that we believe will ensure high-quality, high-integrity training. We appreciate the companies that have completed the process to become accredited – it truly demonstrates a commitment to quality training and, ultimately, safety for personnel.

IADC makes every effort to minimize fraudulent certificates and unauthorized use of IADC accreditation program logos. When questions arise, training provider and certificate authenticity can be verified via iadc.org or by emailing records@iadc.org.