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Thigpen: Advocating for the Essential Role Oil & Gas Plays

In the Nov/Dec issue of Drilling Contractor magazine, IADC Chair Jeremy Thigpen states the importance of the oil and gas industry in providing affordable, reliable energy to meet the increasing demands of a growing population. He states,

“To achieve energy security, reduce energy poverty and meet the needs of a growing worldwide population, the world must responsibly and efficiently embrace and develop all energy sources. Despite what some people may think, attaining energy reliability and security demands a heightened investment in the production of oil and gas.”

Thigpen discusses the expected increases in volumetric demand for oil over the next couple of decades, as well as the reality of an energy expansion. Fundamental misunderstandings about the importance of oil and gas could lead to detrimental regulation and funding deficits, potentially impeding investment in technologies the industry needs to continue providing vital resources while achieving carbon footprint reductions. He explains,

“That’s why the advocacy of everyone working within our industry to further the public’s understanding of the benefits of oil and gas, and the essential role energy plays within national and global economies, is essential to ensure that we attract the next generation of talent, as well as the funding required to develop and deploy the technology needed to propel our industry forward.”

Thigpen explains the necessity for investment in new technologies so the industry can continue to provide more energy with lower emissions. He expresses that the industry is at an advantage by already employing a workforce of intelligent, creative, committed individuals. As rigs become increasingly more technologically advanced, the growing skills and competencies of rig crews are, and will be, key. Thigpen states,

“It is undeniable that the drilling business is changing in exciting ways and the future is bright for those who are perpetual learners interested in joining a dynamic, versatile and innovative industry.”

Read Jeremy Thigpen’s full Nov/Dec editorial on the DC Magazine website, or check out DC Magazine’s profile interview with Jeremy Thigpen from the Jan/Feb issue to learn more about his professional background.