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South Central Asia Chapter Invites Students to 1st Drilling Operations Incident Review Committee

At the beginning of last month, the South Central Asia Chapter hosted members of the region’s 2 student chapters for the 1st committee meeting focused on incident review.

Objective of the Drilling Operations Incident Review Committee

The committee was founded is to provide common platform for learning and sharing from incidents that have occurred in the field as well as provide an effective communication tool in improving safety culture in the region.

Event Details

Ms. Devashree Lingam and Rashi Mandeyal welcomed all dignitaries. The Chairman of the DOIRC is Mr. V. V. Prasad (Executive Director, Head Drilling Service-SW, ONGC) and the Moderator of DOIRC is Mr. Randeep Gandhi. The Chief Guests of the day were Shri Om Prakash Singh (Director, Technology & Field Services, ONGC. IADC, SCA Chapter. chairman).

Shri R. S. Dadial shared the safety moment video on Chronic unease. He reflcetd on it about how critical it is to identify wealk signals as we are good at identifying storng signals. Also he emphasised about importance of barriers and more so to maintaining it.
Opening Remarks by Shri Om Prakash Singh. He laid the foundation for the day and enlightened the meet with his illuminating words. He thanked all the participants present there for 1st launch of the DOIRC workshop and congratulated Randeep Gandhi for accepting a challengingtaslk or organising and hosting the DOIRC as moderator.

He mentioned that the DOIRC workshop was postponed many times but he decided to launch at least 1st meeting of DOIRC through a virtual platform.
He brings up that safety needs collaboration & corporation and to make a safer and healthier culture everyone needs to share the incident and need to learn from them in a very transparent manner. He suggested if the number of accident increase and the IADC SCA Chapter & DOIRC team feels then the number of the meeting can be increased instead of having quarterly meetings.
He highlighted that he is the big advocator to choose between productivity & safety. He will always choose safety over productivity.

Shri V. V. Prasad, DOIRC Chairman started by thanking all the dignitaries present for 1st launch of the DOIRC meeting.
He quotes any step toward safety will ultimately contribute to performance results and the DOIRC platform is a great initiative towards building up robust safety operating culture.

He mentioned that DOIRC was initiated in 1990 by PDO in Oman as a common platform of learning and sharing from the incidents and it is adopted middle east. He further added that the workshop is across the on-shore and off-shore area but the first launch meeting was restricted to incidents in the off-shore area. Other areas would be discussed in the future. He stated that the DOIRC platform will play an important role in preventive action.

Mr. Randeep Gandhi started by giving a brief introduction of the DOIRC and thanked all the dignitaries. He spoke of the objective of the DOIRC and showed the road map of DOIRC which was initiated by PDO in Oman, and then Saudi Aramco and KOC also adopted it as they found it hard ti resist such great initiative. He highlighted how the DOIRC is different from the current JSM that happens every month, One pager information of the incident is LFI (Learning From Incident).

Mr. R. S. Dadial presented HSE achievements/ milestones/recognition and quoted that the DOIRC platform is a great initiative by business partners to achieve zero accidents on the our installtions. He spoke about the regular interaction with rigs, checklist-based job safety analysis, and Green hat policy.

Mr. Dadial shared the achievement/rewards awarded to the various crew members. He gave the update on audits taken by the ONGC. He also shared achievements in safety by all drilling business partners.

Mr. Raman Lakhera shared the Near miss of drilling services of ONGC Mumbai, Analysis of 2141 near misses reported from (Jan21-Dec21), Rig wise near misses, Quarterly analysis of incidents.

Safety Incident Presentations

  • Narayan Ramaswamy presented first on a September 2021 Finger Injury on the Rig Floor of the Jindal Explorer Rig.
  • Sunil Kumar Upadhyay presented 2nd on a August 2021 Hatch Cover Operation on Rig Vivekanand-2 .
  • Vigyan R. Tiwari presented 3rd on an August 2021 Finger Injury on the Rig Floor on Greatdrill Chetna Rig.
  • Ranjan Fialho presented 4th on a June 2021 Hatch Cover and Kick Plate incident, resulting in fatal injury at C.E. Thornton Rig.

All presentations shared the takeaways from the incident:

  • The brief description of the incident
  • Pictorial view of the incident
  • Immediate actions
  • Findings of the incident
  • Remedial action on the incident,
  • Recommendations taken by the crew.