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Rig Technology Conference Focuses on Transformation Later this Month

The IADC Advanced Rig Technology 2021 Conference & Exhibition, organized by the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee, is a leading forum exploring the state of the art in rig technology, downhole operations, and seamlessly integrating the two with minimal human intervention. IADC 2021 ART will focus on advances and challenges in both land and offshore rig technology. The event will also review activities of the IADC ART Committee, which has steadily advanced drilling technology by exploring future technology, drilling control systems, automation, questions of reliability, cybersecurity and more. The committee has developed operational guidelines, assessed pros and cons of advanced drilling technology and developed new definitions.

How Can We Transform the Rigs of Today into the Rigs of Tomorrow?

The current energy transition is not driven by a superior new energy source but from a social/environmental perspective. As part of the transition, the drilling industry faces a double challenge. Firstly, today’s rigs do not match the requirements currently being demanded. Secondly, funding for major capital projects is becoming more difficult. A new generation of drilling rigs will no doubt be built in the future, however, to bridge the gap between now and then, existing units have to be transformed. What technologies are required? Should their development be driven by competition or collaboration? How will this be funded? The panel will address these challenges in an energy landscape transformation unlike any that has gone before.