Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

NOPSEMA Issues Guidance Notes

Australian regulator NOPSEMA recently issued a Guidance Note and a draft Guidance Note for those with operations in the region. They include:

Operational Risk Assessment Guidance Note. On 16 October, this guidance note was published to assist operators in developing, implementing and maintaining robust prcoedures to address the degradation of safety elements/processes leading ot increased major accident risk. This guidance note comes to fruition after two rounds of industry feedback and an operational risk assessment workshop that was previously convened. Though voluntary, these measures are intended to be incorporated into a facility’s safety case regime to address concerns such as management of change and associated risk assessments. The note can be found in its entirety on NOPSEMA’s website.

Draft Guidance Note: Powers of Health and Safety Representatives. On 29 October, NOPSEMA issues this notice for comment on its draft of the Powers of Health and Safety Representatives guidance note. It seeks to explain the powers of HSRs under the Offshoer Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 and how HSRs may exercise those powers. It also seeks to assist facility operators and employers meet their legal obligations for HSRs. NOPSEMA encourages all interested stakeholders to have their say prior to the publication of the guidance note. Operators and employers are strongly encouraged to work with their own HSRs to review the guidance note and develop relevant comments as necessary and appropriate. An overview of the draft guidance can be found at NOPSEMA’s website.