Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

IADC Model Contracts Recently Updated and Reformatted

Earlier this year, IADC began offering its model contracts as a free download from a new section of the website. Within the last month, all of our contracts were updated and reformatted. The most current versions of our contracts are now available online

Our hope is that these complimentary contracts will allow our Members to conduct business more easily. Members have direct access to edit and exchange contracts, omitting the need for workstation licenses. This process will be much more streamlined and efficient for users. 

The following contracts are available in both PDF and Word: 

  • IADC Daywork Contract
  • International Daywork Land
  • Master International Offshore Daywork
  • Master Offshore Turnkey Drilling Contract US
  • Master Footage
  • Master Service
  • Turnkey Contract 
  • US Offshore Daywork