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HSE&T Asia Pacific Panel on Getting Rigs Ready for Future Energy Demand

As we emerge from a period of inactivity for many drilling rigs, it is important to understand the obligations and responsibilities that are associated with rig re-activation and startups, whilst managing the additional risks and challenges/restrictions that the current COVID-19 pandemic incorporates.

In order to create conversation about how the industry will switch gears to meet the coming demand, IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific 2021 Conference & Exhibition will hold a panel discussion titled “Rig Re-Activation & Start-Ups.

This session will focus on the perspective from those involved with each phase of the process from the regulatory direction, drilling contractor management, shipyard assistance, and operator expectations upon these assets as they all contribute to the assurance that the integrity of the systems have been poised and maintained to manage the associated risks, alongside those challenges associated around preparing for the rig crew at all levels to be engaged.

Russ Brown, Asia and Australia HSE Manager, Transocean
Sarit Rattanachan, Manager, PTTEP Drilling Operations, Myanmar
Sagar Raut, HSSEQ Manager, Seadrill
Jason Bailey, Manager (Rig Transition), Borr Drilling

Chidpon Jantarawaranyoo, Director of Operations, South – East Asia, Shelf Drilling

The Asia Pacific region continues to position itself as a dynamic and vibrant market where rapid economic and demographic growth will sustain demand for oil, and gas drilling and exploration in Asia in the foreseeable future. However, the industry needs future-ready leaders to drive the transformation to ensure the industry is equipped with relevant competencies and capabilities in order to overcome current and future industry challenges

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