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Deadline Extended for Feedback on Rig Sensor Stewardship Guidelines


The IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Drilling Control Systems Subcommittee needs your help. Working with the IADC Maintenance Committee, this working group of nearly 100 collaborators has completed a big step in their Rig Sensor Stewardship initiative.

Over the past year, professionals from rig owners, E&P companies, equipment providers, and service companies evaluated, discussed, and reviewed the methodology behind data sensors for drilling equipment. Drilling Contractor Magazine interviewed ART DCS Subcommittee Vice-Chair, Assaad Mohanna, last year about the initiatives objectives.

After the long of process evaluating current rig sensor functions, these IADC committee volunteers have generated a Version 1.0 of new sensor maintenance guidelines. Given the rapid digitization of rig equipment operation and maintenance, this Subcommittee sought to ensure reliable, and continuous, rig sensor performance.

With a Version 1.0 of the Rig Sensor Stewardship Guidelines now complete, the deadline has been extended to 28 February 2021 for industry feedback.

These guidelines are intended for any firm in the drilling industry: rig owners, equipment vendors, or service companies. Equipping these industry groups with recognized standards and best practices is the best way for the industry to keep their equipment.

The guidelines outline stewardship processes, identified criticality levels, and general principles for sensor data quality, calibration, and validation.


To submit feedback, highlight the text in question and add comments/suggestions using the IADC Rig Sensor Stewardship Guidelines available as PDF on the IADC website. Upload your edited PDF document via the IADC website form.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Hsieh at linda.hsieh@iadc.org.