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Call for Abstracts for “Remote Operations Centers and Future Potential” Tech Forum

The aspirations of remote operating centers in upstream oil and gas operations include an enhanced safety record, improved efficiency, operational consistency and the ability to deliver lessons learned across a broad spectrum of geographical locations and a variety of operations. Have these aspirations been achieved? What have we learned?

Further, as we develop new remote operating centers, what other processes can be monitored, advised and controlled? Is there potential for an increase in centralized data availability to result in real advances in data analytics and machine learning?

As our industry strives to achieve improved productivity, safety and environmental stewardship, this forum will ask these questions from a diverse selection of upstream stakeholders.

Abstracts are invited for presentations to address these questions at the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee’s Q4 Technology Forum. Event will be held virtually via Zoom from 08:30am to noon Houston time on 18 November. Deadline for abstract submission is Friday, 16 October. Click here to submit your abstract.

For questions or more information, contact Linda Hsieh at linda.hsieh@iadc.org.