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IADC Joins Chevron and Maersk Drilling for Subsea Competency Discussion

IADC’s newest accreditation program, Subsea Competency Assessment Program, was recently launched back in August. The program is an industry credential that demonstrates that there’s a set methodology for how the industry measures individual proficiency for subsea technicians. It provides a clear pathway to credential those who have a position-specific comprehension of concepts and who have demonstrated effective skills in the field.

In its latest interview, Drilling Contractor‘s Stephen Whitfield interviews:

  • Brooke Polk, Senior Director – Accreditation Operations at IADC
  • Ricky Cummings, Principal Advisor – Well Control Systems at Chevron
  • Martin Carnie, Head of Well Control Equipment at Maersk Drilling

In the interview, they discuss the the new Subsea Competency Program, its objectives, development process. Polk opened the interview with the primary objective of the competency assessment:

We really wanted to focus in on what the knowledge and skill profile look like, so we made sure to define that and create a knowledge assessment to match those.

Launched in August, the IADC Subsea Competency Assessment Program is designed to enhance workforce competency in the drilling industry. It provides that formal system that the industry was missing for subsea technicians.

Chevron’s Cummings mentioned that there was a lot of downtime recorded on blowout preventers, so Chevron wanted to dig into how to reduce that:

We started looking at other industries around the world, to see how they would handle equipment reliability to minimize downtime with complex systems. One of the programs we discovered was the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airframe and Power Mechanics Accreditation Program.

Watch entire video on the DC Magazine website.