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Since 1962, Rolloos offers end-to-end solutions for hazardous and remote operations that centralize your knowledge and experience. Solutions that combine certified hardware, intelligent analytics, and extensive domain knowledge, for safer operations and maximum efficiency.

We excel in three technologies: smart eyes (CCTV and computer vision), safe lifting (tuggers and cranes), and robust communication between people, machines and processes (our Mobile Universal Gateway).

At Rolloos, our mission is to make working in hazardous environments safe and more efficient. We do this by maximizing the situational awareness of everybody involved. By providing solutions centralizing and sharing your  knowledge and experience, to transform your information into actionable insights.

Our end-to-end solutions are scalable and fit for your operational challenges. They provide you with insights to manage your teams, act on-the-spot, and improve your procedures. Answers are provided to industry-wide challenges around human-machine interaction, remote operations, and limited connectivity. Let’s make your operation safer and more efficient. Let’s work together.

Rolloos B.V. is part of the FMJ Group

Date Founded 1962
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Latch Monitoring Camera System

Most fingerboards on a drilling rig lack active feedback of the position of the latches. In case a latch remains closed while it should have been open, latches may break or even worse, (part of) the fingerboard may come down. This must be prevented. Providing CCTV footage of the latches to the (assistant) driller is the easiest way to actual see what you are doing and keeping the driller in the loop.

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