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Chairman’s Anniversary Award Recipient Hangs Out with Hollywood Actor

Six years ago, Kenny Baker was the first recipient of the Chairman’s Anniversary Award. He received this award because, years earlier, Kenny Baker thought about the safety of his team, exposed to the elements of rural Oklahoma’s “Tornado Alley.” Normally rig sites are miles away from any help or warning system, so Mr. Baker and his team at Cactus Drilling Co designed and implemented severe weather shelters for rig sites.

Although Kenny Baker is a hard worker, people were surprised when his idea to protect rig workers on the jobsite was put to the test during a real tornado. His Cactus Drilling colleagues rushed from the rig to the newly built weather shelter and outlasted the storm.

While the Chairman’s Anniversary Award was developed to recognize field-based individuals who have made a direct impact on improved performance for their company, Kenny Baker’s luck-meets-success story was not going to end there.

Recently, Kenny Baker’s been featured in numerous online, print, and broadcast news publications as being the emotional “source material” behind Matt Damon’s most recent film “Stillwater,” where he plays an Oklahoma-born rig worker embroiled in controversy in France to help save his wrongfully convicted daughter.

While the industry stays committed to providing a sustainable energy supply to the modern world, exceptional people like Kenny Baker puts a human face on the people who work day-in-day-out on behalf of their team, their company, and their industry.