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Washington D.C. Updates for May 2022

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Congressman Keller’s Resolution Offers Clear Articulation of Energy Policy Needs

IADC and its Members issued the following statements in response to Congressman Keller’s House Resolution introduced today:

Jason McFarland, President – IADC 

Congressman Keller’s House Resolution underscores two of the most significant challenges facing drilling contractors today; a depleted workforce and lack of federal support for sensible exploration and production policies. Congress and the Administration need to recognize the serious issues facing industry and enact responsible policies that facilitate the energy addition the world needs. We appreciate Congressman Keller working to rally Congress around these critical facts.

Brad James, President & CEO – Enterprise Drilling

We support Congressman Keller’s House Resolution and salute his efforts to educate the public on these issues. The path to energy transition is through the safe, responsible and reliable development of our nation’s plentiful natural resources. The benefits of low-cost energy, in particular natural gas, are clear and thousands of good-paying jobs can be created by employing sound energy policies.  In addition, recent world events have highlighted the importance of energy independence for our nation’s security and these measures will help mitigate our dependence on foreign sources of energy.

Scott McKee, VP – Cactus Drilling

Congressman Keller’s resolution highlights this industry’s importance to the function of the United States and the free world. We support any and all reasonable efforts by Members of Congress to recognize the importance of our domestic energy industry and support policies that allow drillers to operate in a stable business environment.

Want to Get Involved?

On the horizon is a DRILLERSPAC fundraising blitz, June DC Fly-in, Pennsylvania rig visit, energy policy roundtable, and potential introduction of legislative items helpful to drilling contractors that IADC has been working with House and Senate members on. If you would like to get involved with any of the above, please reach out to Matt Giacona, IADC Director of Government & Industry Affairs – 313 580-6268, Matt.Giacona@iadc.org.