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Washington D.C. Updates for December 2019

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The House has just two weeks left this year to wrap up impeachment hearings, pass the USMCA, NDAA, CR/Appropriations and tie up any other legislative loose ends that Members are eyeing. The likelihood of all of this getting done is low, and experts believe that a USMCA vote is not held in the near future (although IADC is holding out hope for completion this year). On the energy front, House Democrats again held a slew of hearings in Natural Resources Committee in November that examined legislation aimed at curtailing surface mining activities and regulating fishing activities related to NOAA jurisdiction. Finally, despite passing an Export-Import Bank Reauthorization that would curtail funding for oil and gas projects, the Senate has not shown an inclination to vote on it.


The Senate spent the last month in what has been a familiar holding pattern; quietly confirming nominees and slowly addressing a mountain of unconsidered appropriations bills that were passed by the House.   The Senate this week confirmed the new Secretary of Energy, Dan Brouillette.  The Senate also confirmed an additional 10 Trump-appointed judges for various levels of federal courts. On the energy front, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee held several full committee hearings that examined issues and legislation related to energy development on federal lands. Going forward, Senators will begin a long holiday break likely followed by official impeachment trials proceedings. These proceedings will run six days per week and will gobble up the energy of most lawmakers, likely hampering the numerous Senators who are Presidential candidates’ ability to campaign effectively in January and February.

White House:

Now in full impeachment defense mode, much of President Trump’s attention has shifted to focus on House Democrats’ investigations and the 2020 election. On the energy front, the Administration approved 4 LNG export facilities in Texas this month and continued work on its rollback of EPA standards.. Positive signs for the Administration’s energy efforts came this month in the form of energy revenues; federal revenues from onshore and offshore oil energy production rose nearly 32% from 2018