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Updates on the North Sea Chapter’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Charter

In July, Drilling Contractor (DC) magazine provided an update on the IADC North Sea Chapter’s Mental Health in Energy initiative. As part of this initiative, the North Sea Chapter (NSC) has published a 15-page white paper on the subject and hosted an interactive Mental Health in Energy Workshop

Over 200 attendees gathered for the Mental Health in Energy Workshop in Aberdeen in April. The information and observations gleaned from the discussions during the workshop were then used to develop the text for a Mental Health & Wellbeing Charter for the drilling industry. 

As NSC Chair Darren Sutherland shared with DC:

“This charter is part of a mental health movement that we hope will save lives, and everyone who has contributed can be proud of that. However, it is easy for people to come together and put some words down on paper. We will be judged on how we put it into practice. This charter is something that has to become part of the day-to-day workings of organizations. We have to live it, not just store it on the intranet or pin it up on the wall. How we do that is ultimately how we will make a difference.”

The 10 points developed for the charter state signatories must:

  1. Initiate a company and industrywide cultural change
  2. Demonstrate transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting
  3. Build mental health and well-being awareness among employees
  4. Foster effective people management
  5. Encourage open conversations about mental health and well-being and provide employees with good working conditions, including a safe psychological space
  6. Provide comprehensive training
  7. Give mental health and well-being the same high priority as physical health
  8. Offer customized mental health support and guidance
  9. Routinely monitor mental health and well-being
  10. Share best practices
In closing, the DC article quotes Sutherland:
“Poor mental health can affect any of us when we least expect it. By adhering to the points created in the charter, I would hope we can help reduce the number of people requiring assistance and improve mental health in energy. Finalizing the 10 points in the charter is only the beginning of our journey to drive cultural change in the industry and we look forward to confirming further steps in the near future.”