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IPCC Releases 6th Assessment Report on Climate Change

Changing by Alisa Singer, 2021

On 9 August 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released this first of three Working Group Reports that, along with a Synthesis Report yet to be completed, will comprise the elements of this 6th edition IPCC Assessment Report (AR6) to be finished in September of 2022. As an intergovernmental body commissioned by the United Nations, the IPCC is composed of thousands of scientists and other volunteer experts that contribute to the work of the panel

The main focus of the three AR6 working groups is to survey all relevant published scientific literature on climate change whereupon the Synthesis Report will provide a compilation of the working reports to distill prevailing thoughts and consensus associated with the global climate. The Panel’s ultimate purpose is to provide policymakers throughout the world and at all levels of government, the scientific information to assist in the development of climate policies.

This first report marks the beginning of the forthcoming series of  such documents to be produced over the next 12 months that will contain the entirety of the IPCC’s latest assessment effort (AR6) since the completion of the Panel’s 5th (AR5) assessment 7 years ago.

What’s in IPCC’s Most Recent Report

  • This first Working Group Report discusses the degree to which climate changes are seemingly advancing with significantly more evidence having been recorded since the last report.
  • Scientists are reporting unprecedented changes observed that should otherwise occur over hundreds or thousands of years.
  • The report shows that emissions from greenhouse gases from human activity, if averaged over the next 20 years based on 1850 thru 1900 data, would reach, or exceed, a 1.5˚C temperature rise.


HSE & Sustainability Conference Coming Up

No doubt that AR6 will be the topic of discussion at the UN’s 26th Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), happening on the 31st of October. Before that, though, IADC’s HSE & Sustainability Europe Conference & Exhibition will be hosting the its 2-day program on a variety of relevant industry topics in Health, Saftey, Environment, & Sustainability.

This fully virtual event will take place from 15-16 September and serves as an indispensable forum to drive discussion of critical topics, such as training and developing the next-generation talent, sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions, and leveraging digital technologies to further improve the industry’s safety performance.

During this event, industry leaders and drilling professionals will discuss:
We continue with dynamic and valuable sessions, that will provide attendees with insights into industry-leading HSE&T trends.