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Texas A&M Student Chapters Hosting ESG Summit Next Friday

On 11 March, the Texas A&M University IADC Student Chapter will host an event: Oil & Gas ESG Summit: From the Perspective of Academia, Regulatory & Industry Representatives. The purpose of the gathering is to educate the public about the Oil & Gas industry’s ESG efforts from the perspective of academia, regulatory, & industry representatives.

The event will feature a great panel of industry speakers with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise. Topics include:

  • Reduction of Carbon Emissions
  • Employment Diversity
  • Community Involvement

2022 ESG Summit Agenda:

  • 3:00 PM – Event introduction by moderator
  • 3:05 PM – Introduction of panelists (4 Panelist & Moderator)
  • 3:20 PM – Moderator leads discussion about upstream O&G ESG Operations + Q&A
  • 4:40 PM – Keynote speech from Chairman Christian
  • 5:00 PM – Keynote speech from Commissioner McAdams
  • 5:10 PM – 6:00 PM – Reception in lobby area