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Subsea Competency Assessment Program Preparing to Set Afloat

After many years of hard work, the Subsea Competency Assessment Program (SCA) is set to launch.

Verify Knowledge & Skills for Subsea Technicians

This Subsea Competency Assessment Program began as an Operator-initiated competency program. Originally, the program was designed to assess Subsea Technicians in the oil and gas industry. With an ISO-certified track record of program design, IADC offered its assistance to help finish the multi-year project.

Program Overview

The goal of the Subsea Competency Assessment Program is to credential qualified personnel who have a position-specific comprehension of concepts and who have demonstrated effective skills on the subsea jobsite.

The SCA Program is based on the principle that assessing and verifying the knowledge and practical skills of Subsea Technicians is critical to successful operations. It is a foundational necessity for producing competent Subsea Technicians. Working together with operators, drilling contractors, and professional trainers, IADC members have developed quality benchmarks.

The Subsea Competency Assessment Program ensures that individuals in the position of Subsea Technician adhere to a core standard of knowledge and skills developed by industry.

Subsea Competency Program Objectives

The objectives of IADC’s Subsea Competency Assessment Program are as follows:

  1. Develop a job-specific knowledge and skill competency profile applicable worldwide for credentialing Subsea Technicians.
  2. Provide guidelines and criteria for achieving the credential to ensure individual assessment criteria are consistent.
  3. Provide a formal system of industry credentialing that demonstrates methodology for measuring individual proficiency to a prescribed minimum standard in the job skills identified.

Additional information on these courses can be found at IADC.org.