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Submit Your Abstract for Late March’s Tech Forum

Information is important in our industry. Operators, drilling contractors and the myriad service providers all communicate the information important to the in the way they think it should be conveyed. As critical as communication is a skill to drilling, sometimes there are gaps.

This event will look at how our industry can enhance the way we communicate to enable faster and more effective decision-making, whether at the well site, from remote operating centers, in corporate offices, or even from employees’ home offices.

Share What You’ve Learned

Abstracts are invited for presentations to address these questions at the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee’s Q1 Technology Forum.

Deadline for abstract submission is Friday, 12 February.

Registration Open for 24 March Event

Event will be held virtually via Zoom from 08:30am to noon Houston time on 24 March. Reserve your spot through our online portal.

For questions or more information, email Linda Hsieh.