Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Student Chapters Continued Success Despite COVID

IADC’s Student Chapters have experienced their fair share of COVID-related interruptions to on-campus instruction at their college or university. Some institutions have adapted to the pandemic by switching to remote learning, by reducing the size of in-person lessons, or by modifying classrooms for increased ventilation. Despite the challenges, our IADC Student Chapters have demonstrated their continued devotion to professionally growing.

The Petroleum Engineering students from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) took time out of their weekend to complete their IADC WellSharp Well Control certification. They received the face-to-face instruction for the Level 2 exam from their ULL Faculty Advisor & Lab Manager, Randy Andres.

With a Level 2 standardized exam, completing this certification stands as a testament to the knowledge these students have gained during this past semester full of distractions and interruptions.

Randy Andres commented that all the students passed with “flying colors.” We’re sure that those ULL Ragin’ Cajuns made sure those colors were vermilion and white.