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Questions Answered about IADC Departure from SafeLandUSA Board

As of 15 November 2020, IADC’s RigPass program will no longer hold a SafeLandUSA endorsement. Due in part to the Association’s continued commitment to support our industry’s workforce with programs that are developed based on industry need, IADC submitted their resignation in September from the SafeLand, Inc. Board.

IADC’s Senior Director of Accreditation Operations, Brooke Polk, explains to Drilling Contractor’s Jay Stracke in a video interview the background, short-term effects, and long-term future of IADC’s signature safety orientation program. Given all the recent confusion, Polk clarifies that there will be no changes to RigPass curriculum, an ISO-accredited program for the past 7 years. Polk also answers some lingering questions encountered during virtual town halls held with Accredited Training Providers as well as Operators, like:

  • Why did IADC resign from the SafeLand, Inc. board?
  • What is the difference between the old SafeLandUSA and the new SafeLand, Inc.?
  • Is the RigPass program any different from SafeLand, Inc.’s requirements?
  • How IADC will protect user data with GDPR compliance?