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Onshore Drilling Conference in May to Cover Innovations to Safety Orientations

The 2021 IADC Onshore Drilling Conference has announced one of its 2021 panel sessions on recent improvements to safety orientations. Taking place on 20 May, 2021, the virtual oil and gas conference has slotted an interactive panel session titled “Reshaping Safety Orientations.” The focus will be on separating fact from fiction and addressing the misconceptions surrounding safety orientation programs.

Discussion of Safety Orientation Improvements

Industry associations and organizations are working collaboratively to reshape safety orientations while ensuring programs are driven by industry need and fit for purpose. In this interactive panel session, speakers will address industry misconceptions, highlight enhancements and new initiatives, and provide an open forum for participant Q & A.

Additional Speakers at the Onshore Drilling Conference 2021

Additional speakers for the Conference will be Clay Gaspar, Executive Vice President & CEO, Devon Energy, with a keynote address on the Operator’s Outlook. The Market Outlook portion will feature Marshall Adkins, Managing Director, Raymond James & Associates, with expert analysis on recent events impacting the O&G market and what to expect in the year(s) ahead.