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McFarland: Collaboration, ingenuity will be needed during energy expansion

In the September/October issue of Drilling Contractor Magazine, IADC President Jason McFarland discusses the ongoing role of the oil and gas industry throughout the energy expansion.

The oil and gas industry continues to play a central role in meeting the world’s ever-growing energy demands. Oil and natural gas power so many essential areas of our everyday lives – from healthcare to transportation, from food processing to communication.

McFarland’s use of the phrase “energy expansion” rather than “energy transition” is distinct and impactful. Indeed, an “expansion” seems to be a more fitting description overall.

As we continue to move through the energy expansion – and I truly believe it will be an expansion or addition, rather than an absolute transition – fossil fuels will remain an affordable, reliable and vital part of the solution to energy challenges.

The current reality is that oil and natural gas power many areas of modern life. In order to meet ever-rising energy demands, McFarland calls for an exceptional level of collaboration.

The collective goal of the energy expansion is to provide all individuals, organizations and communities equal access to dependable energy in the most sustainable and responsible ways possible. The truth is that economic growth and rising populations are creating greater energy needs that will only be met with unprecedented collaboration and ingenuity across all sectors and geographic regions.

The real heart of the story, however, lies in the examples McFarland provides for the reader of just what this unprecedented collaboration and ingenuity might look like. He provides a series of tangible, impactful examples of how IADC truly is its Members — individuals who are are currently volunteering their time and their expertise to put meaningful actions toward a common vision. McFarland gives examples of specific Committees and Chapters working towards goals and turning intention into action. He explains,

The world could benefit from this caliber of partnership across all sectors as we rely on one another’s strengths and share the load. The drilling industry will continue to fulfill its role in the ongoing energy expansion; we will integrate revolutionary practices, advanced technology and passionate collaboration to provide energy in responsible and innovative ways.