Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Latin American Chapter Partners with Holland House Mexico


Within the 12-month strategy of the newly formed Latin American Chapter, the regional chapter has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Holland House Mexico (HHM), a Dutch-Mexican Chamber of Commerce established to promote international trade, investment, and sustainable business development between The Netherlands and Mexico.

Regional Partnerships

Partnering with this regional business group will strength the links between each organization in order to ease the trust and relationships. The ultimate goal is to collaborate towards enhancement of trade. With a signed MoU, the two groups are encouraged:

  • To meet each other’s organization members and staff so they can receive information that is useful and relevant for the period of their visit
  • To promote each other’s offering of events

The synergies between the LATAM Chapter and Holland House Mexico’s Energy & Maritime Committee are currently being fully explored. Meanwhile, each group can work together and support any actions or plans contained therein. Since the HHM Committee was established is to provide a forum for Mexico’s offshore oil & gas industry, this partnership will foster dialogue.

Growing Oil & Gas Industry in Latin America

The LATAM Chapter represents a growing segment of key stakeholders in the region’s drilling industry and can discuss and identify solutions to current events affecting growth of the industry and the springboard of economic benefits.