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Former Jack-Up Committee Chair to Speak at SUT Event on Foundation Issues

Jackups rigs are designed to move. It should be of no surprise that a jackup rig will be used at more than a dozen worksites during its lifespan. Their engineering affords them a flexibility in various ranges of soil types, water depths, and environmental conditions. Wherever drillers need to drill offshore, a jackup rig’s legs can get jacked down into the water all the way to the seafloor.

Getting a good foundation is where problems can arise. Whether it’s issues with bearing and sliding capacity, rack phase difference, punch through, or existing footprints, a jackup rig’s foundation is vital to safe operation.

That’s why we were happy to hear that Mike Dowdy, former Chair of IADC’s Jackup Rig Committee will be speaking at a Society for Underwater Technology’s (SUT) webinar event. The event title is “Integrated Jack-up Rig Foundation Issues,” and is a collaboration between SUT’s Committee on Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG) and IADC’s Committee on Jack-Ups.

Webinar Details

Integrated Jack-up Rig Foundation Issues
Wed, Oct 20, 2021 –  8:00 AM CST
Virtual Webinar (event registration)


  • SUT Members: $100
  • Non-Members $125
  • SUT Student Members: Free
  • Student Non-Members: $15

ebinar Session Program

8:00AM CDT Introduction
Speaker: Mr. Jack Templeton, SAGE USA, Inc.
8:10AM CDT Accident Record
Speaker: Mr. Bob Jack, DNV, Noble Denton Marine Services. This presentation sets the scene for the webinar.  It shows how foundation accidents fit into the overall jack-up accident regime and how they have changed with time to become one of the major causes of losses and deaths on jack-ups and lift boats. The causes and possible ways to reduce  their effects are suggested. The relationship with jacking system failures, which tend to have very similar results is explored.
8:30AM CDT Geophysical Site Evaluation
Speaker: Mr. Andy Hill, BP
8:50AM CDT Geotechnical Assessments
Speaker: Mr. David Menzies, Matthews Daniel- Jack-Up Rigs
– Data for Assessment
– Methods of Analyses
– Problem Soil Conditions
– Foundation Risk Management
– Foundation Case Histories
9:10AM CDT Mechanical Aspects
Speaker: Mr. Mike Dowdy, OE Consulting, LLC- Punch-thru load case
– Leg & jacking system design evolution has increased consequences of punch-thru
– Some Jacking system control technology has improved ability to monitor and recover RPD
– Immediate response actions
– Dumping preload rapidly – better dumping systems
– Jacking during the event can make things worse
– Designers should include nominal punch-thru load cases in leg design and specify RPD and/or punch-thru elastic limits
– Deep penetration leg pulling is another critical load case
9:30AM CDT Panel Q&A Session
Speakers: Mr. Jack Templeton, SAGE USA, Inc.; Mr. Kerry Campbell, retired Fugro
10:00AM CDT Closing
Speakers: Mr. Kerry Campbell, retired Fugro

About the Society for Underwater Technology

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