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Introducing IADC’s New Managed Pressure Drilling Accreditation Program

IADC is pleased to announce that we’re now accepting applications for our new Managed Pressure Drilling Accreditation Program! 

The Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Program is designed for all personnel directly involved in MPD operations, including Surface Back Pressure and Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling. The program was developed by IADC Members representing operators, drilling contractors, well servicing companies, professional trainers, and MPD subject matter experts, in collaboration with IADC’s Well Control Committee and other industry groups. 

According to Matt Kvalo, P.E., IADC MPD Workgroup Member and VP of Engineering & Technology at Statis Drilling Solutions, 

“As MPD has gained widespread adoption, crew competency in this specialized operation remains a critical concern. The Managed Pressure Drilling Accreditation Program tackles this issue by standardizing training and evaluation industry-wide, greatly simplifying crew competency assessment and increasing the safety of MPD operations”

The MPD Program covers information for planning, installation, testing, and operation of wells drilled with both Surface Back Pressure MPD and drilling rigs with surface and subsea blow out preventers (BOPs), as well as general awareness of other MPD variance operations. It also addresses recommended practices for pressurized mud cap drilling (PMCD) from a floating rig with a subsea BOP stack, and covers the MPD Operations Matrix, which is used as a decision-making tool for unplanned influx incidents. The curricula meet and exceed API RP92 Standards, as it pertains to our industry.

As stated by Guilherme Vanni, IADC MPD Workgroup Member and Senior Advisor – Drilling at Petrobras, 

“The Managed Pressure Drilling Accreditation Program will provide a standardized framework to build long-lasting competency with MPD operations. As an industry recognized certificate provided by IADC, a renowned organization comprised of Industry stakeholders, assurance of excellence in preparing, transferring, and assessing knowledge is guaranteed.”

If you would like to receive more information, please visit our website or email mpd.accreditation@iadc.org