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IADC’s Rhett Winter Advances with CSP Certification

Since it was founded in 1940, one of IADC’s core values is industry safety. As any industry colleague who has received more than a safety orientation can attest, the details matter when it comes to safety. The standards, regulations, and best practices that shape how our industry looks and does its job take months, if not years, to implement. This process requires both knowledge and dedication to the finer points of health and safety of our workforce and our world.
In his role as Director of Government & Industry Affairs  – Onshore, Rhett Winter advocates on behalf of the drilling industry to represent the safety interests of our Members. Having been exposed to the benefits of a more formalized training processes, Rhett decided to pursue his certification as a safety professional. He’s served for the past 3 years as the staff liaison for the HSE Committee, but wanted to add further credibility to the organization regarding the topic of safety with IADC Members.
After roughly 1 year of dedicated effort and study, we’re proud to brag on Rhett for passing the CSP Exam, which is the BCSP’s gold standard for safety. Their ANSI-certificated program is recognized inside and outside the United States, and will add to Rhett’s operational experience, while also promoting HSE and credibility for IADC.