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IADC’s Polk Discusses both Past and Future Development Well Control Training

The fast-moving developments over the past year and a half have flown by as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Out of that very fluid situation was an urgent need for a remote-learning platform from WellSharp. Leveraging the groundwork laid by KREW, the WellSharp Advisory Panel quickly approved the platform for online delivery of well control training.

Within this context is where Brooke Polk, IADC’s Senior Director, Accreditation Operations, begins her recent presentation at the Well Control Conference of the Americas. In it, Polk sets up the presentation using the analogy of a jet ski versus a drillship. The industry’s global training purview being the drillship in the metaphor.

In the presentation, she discusses:

  • Background on the challenges faced by WellSharp’s in-person learning model
  • Features of the new WellSharp Live remote-learning training
  • The Future of WellSharp Live and well control training