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IADC’s Decision to Exit SafeLandUSA Board Changes RigPass Endorsement

On May 12, 2020, SafeLand, Inc. was registered as a non-profit corporation without the knowledge or consent of the full SafeLandUSA Board.  IADC, AESC, and certain Operator members had previously objected to proceeding with the incorporation.  This move was a significant departure from the original SafeLandUSA board structure which functioned as a voluntary, industry-led group representing industry safety training interests.

In an effort to advocate for revisions within the new SafeLand, Inc. board, IADC had worked diligently as a partner and contributor to facilitate the continuous improvement of the safety curriculum, accreditation requirements, and quality assurance.  With the new SafeLand, Inc. structure, IADC requested the development of a clearly defined business plan and updated bylaws. In the absence of progress to achieve this necessary governance and other revisions, and at the direction from its North America Onshore Advisory Panel, IADC determined that in the best interests of its members, it would resign from the new SafeLand, Inc.

Per Alma Roberts, Director of Accreditation Programs (and prior SafeLandUSA board member), “IADC’s RigPass program exceeds the SafeLandUSA curriculum and program requirements.” IADC’s accredited training providers may continue to offer the RigPass safety orientation program with onshore and offshore endorsements. IADC’s non-profit structure and industry-led workgroups afford the continuous improvement of RigPass, allowing it to meet the needs of Operators, Contractors, and Service Companies.

New RigPass program revisions will be released in the coming weeks.  For the most up-to-date information, please visit IADC’s RigPass FAQ page here.