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IADC Welcomes Drillcotec, First Authorized Distributor to Offer DDR Plus™ in Spanish!

In June, IADC welcomed Drillcotec as an authorized IADC DDR Plus software distributor. Drillcotec is our first distributor to offer the electronic version of IADC Daily Drilling Reports, DDR Plus™, in Spanish! Originally founded in January 2018, Drillcotec provides Integrated Oil Well Drilling and Completions Services. The company is located in Quito, Ecuador. 


IADC Daily Drilling Reports (DDR), or “Tour Sheets,” are utilized on most drilling rigs around the world and provide a record of: 

  • Daily rig activity
  • Crew for payroll
  • Equipment – surface & downhole
  • Well & Wellbore
  • Bit, BHA, muds, etc. 

The IADC DDR was originally introduced as a large pad of paper reports in the 1940s when the Association was formed. Companies eventually started digitizing the IADC DDR, creating their own non-standardized versions of how the report is described and how the data is moved from one place to another. 

In 2018, IADC Daily Drilling Reports (DDR) underwent an upgrade to meet increasing demands for automated reporting. Based on feedback from an industry survey, the IADC Data, Controls and Sensors Subcommittee of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee created the 2.0 version of IADC DDR, known as IADC DDR Plus™.

IADC DDR Plus™ is a print and electronic data collection system aimed at securing accurate and relevant drilling data that industry can use to assess performance against drilling Key Performance Indicators.

Features include: 

  • Designed for modern drilling, completions, & interventions
  • Industry-driven, designed, developed, & delivered
  • Granular code-set ready for detailed reporting, analysis, & automated rig state 
  • Standard digital format for easier collaboration & economy of scale for driving innovation 

And now, for the first time ever, DDR Plus™ is available in Spanish!

We’re delighted that this new option is now available for our Members, and we’re looking forward to a continued partnership with Drillcotec.

More information, along with a full list of authorized DDR Plus™ distributors and licensees, is available here