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IADC Submits Amicus Curiae in Supreme Court Case

In January, IADC submitted an amicus curiae in the matter of Dutra Group v. Christopher Batterton, a Supreme Court case which will decide whether punitive damages are available to seamen filing personal injury claims.

In the amicus brief, IADC argued that rigorous and protective compensation schemes for seamen are already in existence, with Congress implementing and overseeing a wide array of federal agencies, statues and rules regulating operations. The amicus also points out that allowing punitive damages as contemplated by the Ninth Circuit would affect IADC members by having a detrimental impact on uniformity in worker claims, settlement and trial of such claims, contractual obligations and insurance coverage in the offshore oilfield and negatively impacting the economy and consumers in general.

In addition to IADC, The Chamber of Commerce of the USA and International P&I Clubs; the American Maritime Association; the Waterways Council Inc., and the American Waterways Operators also submitted Amicus Briefs on the matter.

IADC’s full Amicus Brief can be found on the Supreme Court website.