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IADC Invited to Speak at Suriname Petroleum Event in October

The collaboration continues in the newly formed Latin American Chapter’s newest development. Counting among it’s growing business connections in the region, the LATAM Chapter’s chair, Carlos Ortiz Reguer, will champion the drilling industry in his presentation at the Suriname International Petroleum Business Summit & Exhibition (SIPEX). Adding to the IADC delegation will be Mike DuBose presenting on IADC and its members. Mr. Reguer will present on the current outlook for the region.

Hosted by the Suriname Ministry of Natural Resources, SIPEX will take place virtually, providing an opportunity to drive vital conversations and alliances while addressing the latest innovations and modern drilling techniques and processes.

Event Details

2021 Suriname International Petroleum Business Summit & Exhibition
5 – 7 October 2021
Virtual Conference (event registration)

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Regional Partnerships

No stranger to business development, Mr. Reguer has a 30-year track record of success through a unique combination of an entrepreneurial and corporate mindset. He was excited about the opportunity:

After 30 years in various business development roles, you learn that business is about relationships.

Among the other Latin America Chapter initiatives, the Chapter Officers have signed an MoU with Holland House Mexico, a Dutch-Mexican Chamber of Commerce established between the 2 countries. IADC’s Regional Chapter were designed offer a local connection to a vast global network through social events and informal regional forums for Members to consider problems and issues in the industry.

I was honored to be asked to speak at this regional event. With as many ups and downs as we’ve had over the past year, the drilling industry needs to grow engagement where it can.

Opportunities like SIPEX provide a platform for growing awareness and building the Chapter’s membership.

Growth of Oil & Gas in Suriname-Guyana

With drilling activity increasing in the Guyana-Suriname Basin over the past few months, the Chapter sees the speaking opportunities at GIPEX as opportunities to develop, maintain, and deepen relationships. The LATAM Chapter represents a growing segment of key stakeholders in the region’s drilling industry and can discuss and identify solutions to current events affecting growth of the industry and the springboard of economic benefits.