Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

IADC Establishes Geothermal Committee

In December 2023, IADC’s Executive Committee called for the establishment of an IADC Geothermal Committee under the Drilling Services Division of IADC. The intent is that this committee will focus on all aspects of geothermal drilling activities, which from time to time will be identified as important for IADC Member companies.

A precursor to the committee existed in the form of a Geothermal Workgroup, which was established in 2022 when many land drilling contractors realized that geothermal drilling was a growing part of their activities. While several industry bodies existed, each representing different areas of the geothermal sector, it was also clear that these organizations did not fully cover the needs of the drilling industry.

In the work leading up to the formation of the committee, several companies and trade organizations had identified drilling guidelines and standards as a major gap. IADC was encouraged to fill this gap. The ambition is to create a resource that will play a pivotal role in advancing the geothermal sector. The guidelines aim to provide practical guidance for drilling contractors and service companies involved in geothermal well construction.

In addition to this, the committee aims to assist companies in their engagement with governments and regulators, as well as supranational bodies, e.g., the EU Commission.

Twenty two IADC Member companies are represented in the Geothermal Committee, which is chaired by Scott Farmer of Helmerich & Payne. The establishment of the committee will require ratification by the IADC Board of Directors in November 2024.