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IADC Chapter Collaborates with Industry Partners to Grow the Talent Pool

Screenshot of Texas A&M Students Taking WellSharp Live

On Saturday, 29 August 2020, members of IADC’s Texas A&M Student Chapter completed an Introductory level WellSharp Live course from the comfort of their dorm room, off-campus housing, or hometown.

The IADC student chapter felt a WellSharp Live course could increase interest with students pursuing a relevant degree. IADC teamed up with training provider RelyOn Nutec and platform provider Endeavor Technologies to deliver the course to students, free of charge.

Screenshot of Texas A&M Students Taking WellSharp Live Course

“It was refreshing that they took the initiative to research that type of information,” said Robert Howell the volunteer instructor from RelyOn Nutec who administered the virtual course.

The Texas A&M Student Chapter was able to get RelyOn Nutec to volunteer the time of one of their instructors and for Endeavor Technologies to donate the program cost of using the platform (originally built for IADC’s KREW program).

Former Chapter Chair, William Villalobos was excited about the virtual course, “As a Petroleum Engineering major, you spend years taking all these tough classes. This WellSharp Live course showed a new group of STEM-focused students how we can apply what we’re learning after our major’s done.”

This continued effort between IADC and Student Chapters worldwide is important to grow the potential pool of young professionals. The IADC Chapter would like to thank RelyOn Nutec and Endeavor Technologies for supporting student development in oil and gas.