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IADC Attends Record-Breaking ADIPEC 2023

IADC attended the 2023 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition Conference (ADIPEC) held from 2-5 October under the theme “Decarbonising. Faster. Together.” Drilling Contractor, official magazine of IADC, was a proud media sponsor of this premier event for the energy industry. This year was the largest edition of ADIPEC, with a record-breaking attendance of more than 184,000 attendees from 160 countries. 

While at the conference, Drilling Contractor conducted interviews with subject matter experts on a variety of topic. IADC’s Hisham Zebian, VP – Eastern Hemishphere, attended the conference to visit with Members in the region.

According to Zebian, 

“ADIPEC is one of the global events that manages to attract professionals from all around the world, especially with the UAE being a true hub between Central and East Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. It is always a great chance for IADC to stay connected with its members at ADIPEC, and up to date with all the news, innovation and technologies our industry has to offer for a better tomorrow.”

Drilling Contractor Interviews from the 2023 ADIPEC

AWS talks wide-ranging potential of generative AI in drilling applications

Digitalization has enabled companies to realize new levels of operational efficiency and productivity while reducing safety risk and environmental impact. The rapid advancement of generative AI, which produces various types of imagery using large language models, is now allowing companies to better visualize the massive amounts of data they produce downhole.

Speaking to DC from the 2023 ADIPEC, Bill Vass, VP of Engineering at Amazon Web Services (AWS), discusses how the company is helping to build and scale generative AI applications. He also speaks about the benefits that generative AI can provide to drillers. For instance, generative AI models can ingest video and images from cameras stationed on a rig and produce alerts about operational anomalies or safety hazards. Generative AI systems can also create synthetic subsurface models that can help optimize well construction.

Waukesha natural gas engine aims to help rigs reduce emissions, fuel costs

At the 2023 ADIPEC, Waukesha Engines showcased mobileFLEX, a natural gas-powered engine launched earlier this year that the company says can provide significant emissions reduction and fuel cost savings over the conventional diesel engines used on rigs. Speaking to DC from the conference on 3 October, Pier Parisi, VP of Sales and Service for INNIO Waukesha, explains how the engine can be retrofitted to rigs with diesel engines and comments on the role natural gas engines can play within the industry’s push toward decarbonization.

Downhole tool adjusts depth of cut to protect BHAs in complex wells

Tools that can help operators and contractors to drill efficiently will be crucial to meeting rising demand in the Middle East in the coming years. Neo Oiltools’ NeoTork tool is designed to manage torque and vibrations, both in offshore and onshore applications, by focusing on the depth of cut to improve efficiency for complex applications. The tool protects the bottomhole assembly (BHA) from damage and failure, ensuring fewer trips in and out of the well, according to the company. When torque exceeds a pre-set limit, the tool contracts to reduce the drill bit depth of cut. The excess torque stored in the system is then slowly released as the drilling structure drills off.

In this video interview with DC from the 2023 ADIPEC on 2 October, Phillippe Cravatte, Technical Director at Neo Oiltools, discusses the technology’s value to drillers in the Middle East and beyond, focusing on the ways in which it can help promote efficient drilling.

Weatherford MPD software delivers time savings by optimizing pressure management

In July, Weatherford announced the first delivery of Modus, a software system designed for managed pressure drilling (MPD). The system manages the primary well control barrier, eliminating pressure spikes, improving hole stability and optimizing drilling plans. In this interview with DC from the 2023 ADIPEC on 2 October, Chad Wuest, Region Business Development Manager at Weatherford, explains what makes the system unique compared with other pressure management systems. He also discusses results from its first deployment – according to Weatherford, the operator was able to complete well construction nine days ahead of its operational plan.