Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

IADC Attends 9th Session of IMO’s Ship Design and Construction Subcommittee

After a 3-year hiatus, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) convened its first in-person session of the Ship Design and Construction (SDC) Subcommittee from 23 to 27 January. As a regular participant in IMO activities, IADC attended this subcommittee session on behalf of drilling contractors and participated in discussions and efforts related to Mobile Offshore Units subject to IMO provisions. Two items of this session were of particular interest to IADC: the Working Group on Review of the Guidelines for the Reduction of Underwater Noise, and the update to Asbestos Installation Constraints on MODUs.

As a stakeholder participant of the IMO Reduction of Underwater Noise working group, IADC was interested in observing the process of revising the IMO underwater noise guidance document. IADC’s goal was to ensure proposed revisions did not unduly affect the unique operational and design considerations of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs). While progress on certain elements was achieved during the convening of this working group, further work remains before this document will be ready for recommended IMO adoption. As this effort continues to take shape, IADC will continue to engage in this matter and ensure that the unique concerns of MODU design and function are taken into consideration.

At this SDC session, IADC also participated in the stakeholder discussion group regarding Asbestos Installation Constraints on MODUs. The SDC Subcommittee has approved a Unified Interpretation (UI) document for adoption by the IMO Maritime Safety (MSC) Committee to provide detailed instructions for satisfying MODU code updates that encourage the prohibition of asbestos in MODU design and construction. During this SDC session, IADC worked alongside other stakeholders to finalize the proposed UI text approved by the subcommittee.

IADC has been an IMO-approved “Non-Governmental international Organization” since 1975. As one of two upstream oil and gas associations having such access, IADC is prominently recognized and frequently referenced by the global maritime community for its specialization and proficiency on concerns regarding Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. IMO member countries regularly consult with IADC on safety and environmental matters unique to MODUs.