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Hurricane Laura Forces BSEE to Flee Offices

Damage Caused by Hurricane Laura on BSEE's Lake Charles District Offices

Last month, Hurricane Laura made landfall along the Gulf Coast. As neighbors from Texas to Alabama made plans to avoid storm surge, meteorological forecasts were shifting by the hour about where exactly Hurricane Laura would make landfall.
During Laura grew in the Gulf, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) continued issuing offshore operator reports. Production platforms evacuated personnel, dynamically positioned rigs moved out of the storm’s path, and safety protocols were put into placed as about 50% of oil and natural gas production operations shut down.

Hurricane Laura made landfall on 26 August near Cameron, Louisiana, shifting eastward in the last few hours before. Storm surge reached 20 miles inland and around 600,000 people were left without clean water in its wake. Also in Hurricane Laura’s wake was the BSEE offices in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

In a notice to lessees and operators, the Lake Charles District office has issued a statement of its temporary move. BSEE’s new temporary offices will be in Lafayette, Louisiana at the following address:

201 St. Patrick Street, Suite 200

Lafayette, LA 70506