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Conference Planning Committee Shifts from Usual Call-for-Abstracts

Instead of the traditional Call-for Abstracts, the conference program committee wanted to try something different for 2022. Instead, they’re doing a “call for problems.”

In a challenging year where we’ve all had to come together, the IADC’s 2022 HSE and Sustainability Europe Conference felt that it made the most sense to ask their industry colleagues to identify their toughest sustainability or safety challenges.

Program Format

Members of the conference program committee will identify issues that will be vetted during the two-day conference, providing maximum take-home value for attendees. Once the problems/challenges have been collected, the committee members will meet to select the problems that will be put forward for the conference agenda.

The deadline for submissions is 15 February 2022.

What is the Sustainability or Safety challenge you sit with in your organization that you cannot find a solution to?

Please formulate this challenge and share it with us. We will organize the next IADC HSE & Sustainability Europe Conference around those challenges. As you formulate the challenge, please identify the Problem or Challenge, any Complications and Solutions you may have tried.

  • Problem/Challenge
  • Complication
  • Solutions you have tried

For more information, email Anne Otten, IADC at europe@iadc.org. Submit challenges using the form below by 15 February 2022.