Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

From the President: A Year of Living Our Legacy

In the November/December issue of Drilling Contractor (DC) magazine, IADC President Jason McFarland opens his editorial discussing the importance of hydrocarbons as the “most abundant, affordable and reliable energy source on the planet.” The drilling industry is vital now, and will continue to be throughout the coming decades.

McFarland states, 

“In fact, the drilling industry is uniquely equipped with the tools, personnel and knowledge needed to usher modernization through the next energy expansion.” 

He then goes on to discuss the idea of legacy, asking the following, 

“How do we leave the world a better place than we found it? And just as importantly, how do we make the world a better place now, while we’re still here?” 

McFarland discusses how IADC supports the drilling industry and the larger community. Three Chapters celebrated major anniversaries this year — the North Sea Chapter with 50 years, and the South Central Asia and Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapters both celebrating 25 years. 

He then explores the idea of “legacy” not only as something that’s left behind, but something that is currently unfolding in the present. 

“Oftentimes when people think of legacy, they think of it as something that’s left behind. I believe that IADC will not only leave a legacy; we’re living our legacy. Just as the world is currently benefiting from the labor of the drilling industry, the drilling industry is benefitting from the efforts of IADC members. And that’s all happening right now.” 

IADC’s foundation operates with a core question: “How can we best serve our Members?” With this sentiment in mind, the Association and its Members have made great strides in 2023, including the following: 

  • The IADC Student Chapter program has expanded to include two new Chapters. 
  • Committees and Regional Chapters have provided new programming to benefit young professionals. 
  • The Accreditation team launched a new program for H2S safety. 
  • Many resources have been created and dispersed, and many initiatives have made great headway. 

After providing specific areas of growth for the Association this year, McFarland states in closing, 

” Living a legacy isn’t just about the tangible gifts and benefits… it’s so much more. It’s the irreplaceable sense of community and collaboration; the atmosphere of innovation; the collective desire to work toward common goals together – so we can leave this industry, and this world, better than we found it.”