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February’s Limited-Time Offer on IADC Publications

The IADC Bookstore is running limited time offer on any of the print versions of the below books for $99 + shipping.

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Deepwater Well Control GuidelinesDrillBits-2021February-Bookstore-Feb2021-DeepwaterWellControlGuidelines-BookCover

Well Cementing OperationsDrillBits-2021February-Bookstore-Feb2021-WellCementingOperations-BookCover

Coiled Tubing OperationsDrillBits-2021February-Bookstore-Feb2021-CoiledTubingOperations-BookCover

Drillers’ Knowledge BookDrillBits-2021February-Bookstore-Feb2021-DrillersKnowledgeBook-BookCover

Deepwater Well Control Guidelines, 2nd Edition

188 pages. The new deepwater guidelines include new content on operational risk management, sometimes called process safety, with additional new and refreshed content on well integrity, well planning, rig operations, equipment, procedures, training and drills, and emergency response. The year-long project was led by Louis Romo, BP, Chairman of the Deepwater Well Control Guidelines Task Force, and Moe Plaisance, DODI, Executive Advisor, with support from nearly 100 top-level experts.

The aim of these Guidelines is to facilitate safe and efficient deepwater drilling operations. This important publication provides guidance for maintaining primary well control, applying secondary well control methods and responding to an emergency in the event of a blowout. Each chapter is intended to facilitate the rig team’s primary task of maintaining and optimizing control of the well.

6 chapters tackle the following vital information, key to maximizing safety and efficiency in subsea rig operations.

  • Operational Risk Management and Well Integrity: Barrier installation and maintenance for the life of the well
  • Well Planning and Rig Operations: Relevance of well planning and well design to well control
  • Equipment: Typical well control equipment used on floating drilling rigs
  • Procedures: Kick prevention, detection and mitigation to maintain/regain control
  • Training and Drills: Planning, conducting and continuously improving deepwater well control training and drills
  • Emergency Response: Activities and resources to manage a well control emergency

The IADC Deepwater Guidelines also include an appendix defining important acronyms and terms.

Well Cementing Operations, 1st Edition


331 pages. “Well Cementing Operations” covers techniques and developments never before published in a single source – overview of basic well-cementing theory, best practices and real-world applications, calculations and problem-solving exercises. Perfect for both newly hired and experienced rig-based personnel, students, and engineers in the office.

Authored by noted expert Ron Sweatman with contributions and edits from some of the world’s most renowned drilling engineers, “Well Cementing Operations” is the most comprehensive and in-depth treatment of cementing ever published. Historically available only through experience or industry short courses, the information contained in this handbook is a valuable learning tool for readers at all levels and, for the first time.

Published under the auspices of the IADC Technical Publications Committee, “Well Cementing Operations” is a must for the rig, office and classroom.

Drilling Series: Coiled Tubing Operations, 1st Edition


281 pages. This comprehensive book covers the spectrum of coiled-tubing operations and is written for both technical and non-technical readers. “Coiled Tubing Operations” provides a general description of coiled tubing units (CTU), as well as CTU components, operations and applications, including CT drilling.

Appendices provide detailed mathematical derivations and calculations for CT operations. Includes five chapters, a summary of acronyms and abbreviations, glossary, index of figures and general index. Published under the auspices of the IADC Technical Publications Committee.

Drillers Knowledge Book


290 pages. Written for experienced drillers, the “Drillers Knowledge Book” provides never-before published solutions to common drilling problems and methods to to continually improve efficiency during drilling.

The “Drillers Knowledge Book” covers all aspects of drilling, including well design and construction, hydraulic optimization, rock mechanics, drilling fluid processing and much more. Written by Dr. Leon Robinson and Juan Garcia. Between them, the two distinguished authors have more than a century of drilling experience.