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Drilling Middle East 2021 Conference Ready for Abu Dhabi Next Week

Although the Middle East market has remained resilient through the downturn, this region continues to face challenges around workforce development, drilling efficiency, safety and security, and equipment maintenance.

The 2021 IADC Drilling Middle East Conference & Exhibition will bring together industry leaders and drilling professionals to discuss such challenges and share best practices. Cutting-edge technology advances, including drilling automation, will be featured, as will case studies of relevant technical achievements. The premier event also will highlight evolving approaches to safety and training, providing practical information on new tools and processes that can be used to improve HSE performance.

As the industry continues to navigate the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, IADC will tailor its 2021 conferences to better serve its Members and their guests. For the 2021 conference line-up, IADC will offer two ways to attend – both in-person and virtual attendance options. Conference registration will be structured for these options. IADC will resume its member/non-member registration pricing for the 2022 conferences.

Conference Topics to Include:

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Proactive Rig Activations
  • How Do We Retain Knowledge in the Industry?
  • Operational Performance Training using High Fidelity Simulations and Advanced Human Performance Techniques
  • Design Process Behind a Fully Rig-Integrated Managed Pressure Drilling System

Reduced Price

IADC has recently reduced the registration price for the IADC Drilling Middle East 2021 Conference & Exhibition to $235. 

All currently registered attendees will be receiving a refund for the overage.

Attending the conference requires full vaccination against COVID-19 ( green alhosn pass) plus a not more than 48hrs negative PCR test result.

Conference Program

Monday, 13 December

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition 


08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Hisham Zebian, Vice President – Eastern Hemisphere, IADC


08.40 Keynote Presentation: Simon Drew, President – Land Drilling, KCA Deutag Drilling Ltd.

09.00 Session: Human Resources


Session Chair: Nikolay Dimitrov, Commercial and Business Development Manager (Middle East), KCA Deutag

Coaching & Mentoring to Unlock the Full Potential and Achieve the Organization Strategic Goals: Sami Al Sharkih, Senior Manager, Training & Development, ARO Drilling
The unexpected change in economy, technology and the localization of workforce are key factors that influence the need of knowledge transfer and education. In this presentation, will talk about the importance of two development approaches which are coaching & mentoring, I’m going to discuss the experts’ point of view, some of the theories, concepts, and types to meet the different needs of businesses. In addition, will present ARO Drilling current practices and future initiatives to enhance people development.

Proactive Rig Activations (Crew Training): Nick Coyle, Drilling Subject Matter Expert, IAS International
Without question, the most effective method of achieving a standard of “operational excellence” is to improve the competence standards of the workforce by way of progressive and continuous training, development, and assessment in an environment that promotes a culture of continuous improvement. By implementing this method of rig start up, the industry can move towards the goal of zero accidents/incidents, increase in overall crew competencies, increased revenue efficiency, reductions in NPT and an industry wide, well established method for all future successful rig activation projects.

10.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

10.30 Panel Discussion: How Do We Retain Knowledge in the Industry?
With oil prices being a decisive factor in the oil & gas industry workforce and knowledge retention activities, the panel will discuss what the industry is doing regarding knowledge loss from old employees and how is it transferred to new employees. Is the oil & gas industry paying the price twice with every downturn? The panel will include different views from Human Capital & operation professionals, leadership coaches and also a students point of view in what the young generation thinks of the oil & gas industry, and if the industry is doing a good job in attracting the best talents?

Moderator: Hisham Zebian, Vice President – Eastern Hemisphere, IADC

Steve Taylor, Human Resources Director, IAS International

Derek Massie, Vice President Human Resources, Vantage Drilling

Chris French, Business Development Executive – Europe, Middle East & Africa, The REACH Group Hamad Jasem Mohammed Khalfan Alnuaimi, Graduate Mechatronics Engineering, Higher College of Technology, UAE Ahmed Alsayed, Ph.D.Student, College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

12.00 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition


13.30 Session: Technology & Innovation
Session Chair: Erin Wilson Cunning, Vice President-Jack-ups, Seadrill Global

Operational Performance Training using High Fidelity Simulations and Advanced Human Performance Techniques: Grant Wallace, Managing Director, Salos Sunesis Limited & Clive Battisby, Chief Operating Officer, Drilling Systems, Kuhanesapathy, Khairul Amir, PETRONAS, B. Christie, Salos Sunesis.
This paper highlights the excellent results achieved by a Malaysian Operator and its business partners utilising a unique coaching and training methodology, for a challenging well project. The team collaborated closely with the operator to develop highly realistic simulations, using the latest digital twin technology. The simulations were combined with technical and advanced human factors coaching at the rig site which accelerated learning and resulted in top quartile performance.

The Design Process Behind a Fully Rig-Integrated Managed Pressure Drilling System: Martin Culen, Chief Commercial Officer, Glenn-Ole Kaasa, Christian Berg, Sean Minnie, Chris Leleo, and Mark Hartle Kelda Dynamics.
In this presentation, we will reveal details behind the design process of a fully rig-integrated managed pressure drilling (MPD) system, from the development to commissioning of the first system in the field. We will highlight some important aspects relating to integrating an advanced MPD control system fully into the drilling control system with a dedicated user interface to the driller, and how such systems should be tested to ensure adequate performance and reliability over the full range of expected operating conditions and possible failures.

The Risk of Driving Blindfolded: Tommy Evensen, Principal ICS Security Solution Architect & Haakon Mørk, Security Analysis & Research Tech Lead, Cognite
External threats to operational technology involve high risk of significant downtime. An analysis of potential security breaches throughout the whole process control systems can be obtained through detection and logging capabilities. Thus, cyber forensics identify breaches and collect evidence with the aim to respond in a timely manner and prevent future threats. This presentation will help to understand the implications of events and incidents on operational technology and how Threat Detection Systems and a solid architecture can be of help to protect your networks and digital initiatives.

15.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

15.30 Panel Discussion: Innovative Contracts
The last few years have introduced major changes in the dynamics between Operators and Drilling Contractors. With demand shrinking and competition on the rise the drilling industry has had to cope with growing customer requirements in a rapidly shifting risk reward matrix while trying to maintain profitability. What was considered industry practice in terms of allocation of responsibility and risk between Operators and Drilling Contractors has drastically changed, with companies exploring alternative set ups to what was seen as the standard day rate drilling contract. This panel discussing with try to explore how can drilling  contracts help strike fair a balance between Operators and Drilling Contractors and how have ever shifting market conditions and corresponding commercial considerations contributed to the evolution of the standard drilling contract.

Moderator: Attila Vasvary, International Account Manager, H&P International Holdings LLC Nikolay Dimitrov, Commercial and Business Development Manager (Middle East), KCA Deutag Olga Labai, Director,
Oil and Gas Consultants
David Warwick, Global Commercial Director, Seadrill Salman Yusuf, Commercial Manager Middle East & North Africa, Ensign Energy Services

17.00-18.00 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition, Sponsored by IADC Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter

Tuesday, 14 December

08.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition 

09.00 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Hisham Zebian, Vice President – Eastern Hemisphere, IADC

09.10 Update on IADC Activities Regionally/Globally: Mike DuBose, Senior Vice President – International Development, IADC

09.30 Panel Discussion: Rig Automation
This panel will not only cover the usual rig automation topics, such as off-line operations and pipe handling equipment, but as well how modern downhole technology and real-time data analysis coupled with surface equipment can reduce on bottom drilling time and flat time.

Moderator: Rawad El Jurdi, Regional Sales Manager-MEA, NOV Wellsite Services Nathan King, Sales Director, NOV Matt Regan, Global Business Development Director, TDE Group Limited Mansur Damiev, Business Development Manager-MENA, Pason Systems

Subodh Saxena, Senior Vice President, Nabors Drilling Solutions

11.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

11.30 Session: Human Resources

Session Chair: Gary Castell, Business Development Manager – New Markets, Sparrows FZE

Extended Reality Applied to Training: The Change of Paradigm: Ivo Speranza, Technical Support Manager, Anibal Rodriguez, Ernesto Rodriguez, Global Computer Reality Training Technology
Technology is a very important tool for the training of industry personnel, but this technology must be applied thinking of the person who is going to receive it. It cannot be pretended that an operator who works dynamically for 12 hours a day sits listening to a person speak for hours to transmit knowledge. This does not work, we waste time, we have the tools, but we must use them well. We have changed the paradigm, not only with the use of technology, but also with our vision of the training method.

12.00 Session: Well Control Solutions


Session Chair: Gary Castell, Business Development Manager – New Markets, Sparrows FZE

Creating the Next Generation of Well Control Solutions Through Electrification of Pressure Control Equipment: Samantha Beim, Product Champion, Matthew Olson, Matthew Givens, Schlumberger
Recent developments in batteries and stored energy have brought significant changes to the products we use in our everyday lives. The advances in this enabling technology means it is time to make a step change in Well Construction. This presentation will cover Schlumberger’s transition from hydraulics to the Electrification of Cameron Pressure Control Equipment. Included is an introduction to the benefits and challenges, the development roadmap, and the long-term ambitions of this program.

12.30 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

14.00 Session: Sustainability


Session Chair: Wayne Bauer, Director of QHSE, Vantage Drilling

A Roadmap to Sustainable Performance: Malcolm Beattie, Partner, CCA Consulting
Climate change and the environment are frontpage news and therefore, there is increasing pressure on business to sit-up, take notice and in many instances take the lead. But where to start? What to do? And how can you ensure you are investing in the areas that will have the most impact? With over 25 years-experience in business and performance improvement, Rosemary will demystify ESG and provide a user-friendly ‘roadmap’ to help those of you who would like to get started.

14.30 Panel Discussion: ESG-Sustainability
ESG or Environment, Social and Governance, is a term that has gained prominence over recent years and investors, operators and local governments are placing increasing expectations on Drilling Contractors in this area. Generally ESG is considered to describe areas that characterise how a company ensures a sustainable, responsible and ethical approach to business but what does ESG mean for the Drilling Industry? This panel discussion will explore how our industry is managing this new approach and what some of the strategies being implemented across the industry are.

Moderator: Wayne Bauer, Director of QHSE, Vantage Drilling Kenny Adams, Head of Land Drilling QHSSET, KCA Deutag Chris Greenwood, Director, Regional Business Development – Middle East & Africa, ABS Malcolm Beattie , Partner,
CCA Consulting
Bhagyashree Induchudan, Quality and Sustainability Advisor, Borr Drilling

16.00 Adjournment

Poster Session and Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the poster presentation that is available for all conference participants in the exhibition area. If a scheduled paper becomes unavailable, one of the alternate papers might be presented. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Case History: A Description of the Technical Experiences, Benefits and Challenges of a Real-time Drilling Fluids Monitoring System when Integrated into a Drilling Campaign: Henrik Sveinall, Lead Operations Engineer, Intelligent Mud Solutions AS.
This presentation will include the Operator’s experience and will expand on the 55000 hours of service time the RheoSense measuring system has provided to drilling operations to date. It will address the durability of the system, installing the equipment, the maintenance and monitoring requirements and data integration for well characterization compared to conventional drilling fluids practices. The true real-time drilling fluid data gained will be discussed relative to the mud engineer’s practice and process of providing the same properties.

Digital Transformation for Mobile Rigs: Armando Ochoa, Product Line Director & Joe Ghabach, Product Line Manager, NOV
This presentation details the introduction of digital transformation to mobile rigs utilizing existing technology used on traditional coil tubing rigs scaled to a service rig. This approach will expand data aggregation from coil tubing units conducting completions/drill outs operations and well service. A visualization consisting of digital readouts and was developed that is a simplified visualization that displays sensor data in a manner that the users are familiar seeing. Outputs and animation specific to mobile rigs operations (travelling block, mast lean scale, automatic slip detection) were then added to provide the user visual representation of the rig’s operations. Industry standard sensors were utilized to capture high resolution data processed. In addition, the same data archiving and visualization platform used for traditional rig instrumentation was utilized to provide users access to all drilling and post drilling activities on the same platform.