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Event Recap: DEC Q1 Tech Forum “Why We Do What We Do”

On 28 March, IADC’s Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) hosted its Q1 Tech Forum, “Why We Do What We Do.” This forum was intended to share industry’s valuable lessons learned, especially regarding technologies and techniques, so the next generation can benefit from this knowledge and experience. Learning from industry’s past incidents and ability to fail, as well as learn fast, is key to finding agile ways of working and creating a culture of innovation. This Tech Forum was designed to be social, informal, and fun. 

Students from the IADC University of Wyoming Student Chapter were present at the event and had opportunities to learn and network. 

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, including attendees, presenters, the DEC, and the event host Weatherford! 

The DEC’s next event will be held on 27 June under the theme “Safety Technologies and Systems.”