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ESG Reporting Guidance Now Available!

Operating as part of the Sustainability Committee, the IADC ESG Reporting Workgroup has been in the process of developing an ESG Reporting Guidance document, which was recently approved by IADC’s Executive Committee. The ESG Reporting Guidance is now available online here, and can also be located on our website by visiting the “Sustainability” tab under the “Committees” section. 

The ESG Reporting Guidance was developed “…to assist members on how to evaluate whether and how to report relevant Drilling Contractor ESG information in an annual Sustainability Report or through another method.” The document presents information that may be considered when reporting and referencing relevant reporting standards that can provide further definition.

ESG Reporting Guidance is laid out in the following categories and subcategories: 

  • Environmental Reporting
    • Emissions and Fuels Management
    • Air Pollution
    • Water and Waste Management
    • Environmental Impact Management
    • Asset Recycling
  • Social Reporting
    • Workforce Health and Safety
    • Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality
    • Community Relations and Engagement
    • Human Capital
  • Governance Reporting

Thad Dunham, staff liaison for the Sustainability Committee, commented: 

“The ESG Reporting Guidance document is the result of the Sustainability Committee’s collaboration for over two years. We’d like to thank Chairman Emeritus Neil Forrest and current Chairs Kristina Mays and Jennifer Guidry for their leadership, the members of the Reporting Workgroup for their time and dedication, and the Executive Committee for approving the guidance. Many hours of careful consideration and diligent effort were poured into this document, and we’re pleased that this valuable resource is now available to Members on IADC’s website.”