Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Drilling Engineers Committee’s “Rig for the Future” Tech Forum to be held on 24 June

The IADC Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) is moving forward with its 24 June Q2 Technology Forum, which will be held at Wild Well Control, 2202 Oil Center Ct, Houston, TX 77073. IADC is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will move the event online-only if necessary.

The Q2 Tech Forum will assume the theme of “Rig for the Future,” which had been scheduled for the DECs Q1 event in March but was canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the years, the drilling industry has used the same methods, processes, and basic machine technology to drill oil and gas wells. Will this trend continue in the future, or is a new Rig for the Future required? What is a Rig for the Future – more of the same (evolutionary) or is it a step change (revolutionary)? What technology is required to achieve a Rig for the Future – more automation? What kind of automation? What is the cost vs. benefit of the Rig for the Future, and is it worth it? What role will rig- and office-based personnel play? Will this new technology keep people safer? Will the Rig for the Future be better for the environment and have a reduced carbon footprint? What could the Rig for the Future look like in 2030, and what are the main obstacles that must be overcome? The DEC event is designed to explore our progress and consider our future.

An agenda for the event will be posted soon. To attend, please register online