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“Don’t Panic”: IADC Chair Julie Robertson’s Message in Latest Editorial

IADC Chair, Julie Robertson was recently featured in Drilling Contractor’s July/August Edition. A 30-year veteran of the energy industry, Ms.Robertson offered a stead-handed message of hope and perspective on how the oil and gas industry has weathered previous ups and downs in the industry:

This industry is resilient. We have survived tough times before – maybe not quite like this, but the 1980s and early 1990s were not exactly for the faint of heart, either. And yet, we are still here, drilling for the world’s energy resources. We have faced each downturn head on, and those times of struggle have led to the development of new and innovative ways to do our work.

Expecting energy demand to once again rise, Robertson emphasized the importance of IADC’s efforts to stress to governments around the world the essential nature of our industry, and for companies in the industry to “stay the course” by focusing on cost and capital discipline, safe and efficient operations, and opportunities for improvement. She discussed some of IADC’s responses to the global pandemic, including WellSharp Live, virtual meetings, panel discussions, and chapter activities.

Regardless of the current challenges we are facing, IADC remains on the front lines, advocating for your interests and seeking to proactively contribute to solving pressing industry issues. It’s just this kind of work that we have done for the entirety of our 80 years.